Skrivet av: dreamalive | juni 11, 2009

One year later

I open up the blog again, for a try out. Had closed it down since I chrashed with land and people back home after 13 months out sailing with the fam.

One year since we left the Gibraltar Strait behind us and sailed out in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean now.. We miss it, and we are working for ways to get back there.

If you want to read about our journey – it’s mostly in Swedish, and sometimes in English or Portuguese – you find links back to june 2007 and etc in the Arkiv when you scroll down at the right side –>

Feeling  blue today. Maybe good.., because if not I’m sure I wouldn’t have opened the blog again today.

Well come, Come well.




  1. jaaa… tack för titten igen!! Även jag har saknat att titta in på ert liv i den lilla båten, dina poetiska ord, berättelser om era spännande strapatser i moder nature o VACKRA foton keep it up Jenny, jag hejar på dig! kram Maria

  2. Har bloggen dött? Nerlagt igen?


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