Skrivet av: dreamalive | juni 6, 2008

Turning back

Thank You for your comments dear friends, we love’em :-). Will answer when less press here.

Yesterday when trying to get out in the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar, we didn’t manage. Had to turn back after one third of the passage to Tarifa made. The stream against was to strong, and the wind also. When we made only 0,8 knots (1km/h) and the sea was quite white, we decided to turn back. Passed the night in Algeciras beside Gibraltar.

Today we are going out there to try again.



  1. He you,
    our thoughts are with you!!! The strait is a real big thing! We are lucky that we did it! It wasn´t easy. We hope that Siska and all of you will manage! As it seems we stay a few more days in Tanger, because of the weatherforecast. We can only stay in contact by mail, cause the mobile doesn´t work here, otherwise we can try it per VHF at a special time. Let us know. All the best and a lot of hugs. The Peter Pan´s

  2. Hello You guys!
    Sounds great that You finally are in Gibraltar!
    Hope You will get through the Strait soon to have some great time in Portugal.

    Mia & I are living our new life (nomad style) since a week ago. I quit my job and decided to help Mia with NaviText instead. At the moment we are i Gislövsläge on the south coast of Sweden. We are heading towards Blekinge and Stockholm.

    A couple of nights ago we had our first night at anchor and we slept like babies! We fully trust Nemo and are satisfied with her. It really was a great thing to install the D400 and the two solar panels. The computers and lights are running 24h a day and we still have the batteries fully charged.

    Tassa is great during sailing and is very calm. Most of the time she sleeps on the leeward side of the cockpit. She seems to have forgotten the thing she learned as a puppy (which is to do her things on deck). However we´re working on it.

    We miss You all and are looking forward in seeing You again this summer. May the winds be with you!

    /Micke, Mia & Tassa

  3. To the Peter Pans:
    We are in Tarifa now, the stream charts don´t really work but we did manage with the help of some local knowledgement. We can´t take mail but i´m sure will comunicate someway.

    To the Nemos:
    Great way of passing this great summer in Sweden, it´s really good to be completely independent from harbours. We miss u guys too. Let´s see how long it takes until we get to Portugal, the weather is very irritating around here.

    WE MADE IT TO TARIFA! We are really happy about that.

    Hugs to everybody,

    Tha Kaptain

  4. Yes, the wind is a force of itself.
    There is a force 6 out there and we better stay in the harbour waiting for better winds. This is a fishing/comercial harbour, which means that no electricity, water or showers, and they already said a big ship will be coming soon so we have to move… well thats the life of a sailor of small boats. We are kind of used to it.
    Tarifa is a great place and we have no problem staying here a few days, lot´s to see, nice old town, many bars, beautifull beaches, with this incredible thin white sand.

    Love to all and Fair winds to all the sailors out there!

    Da Kaptain

  5. Perfect, great, respect! Let us try to get in contact on VHF at 22.00 UTC. I think it works, when not we can stay in contact by mail. All the best and a nice time in Tarifa
    The Peter Pan’s

  6. Tack för ert mysiga sällskap, nästa gang ses vi i sverige!!

  7. Hej Line tack for allt! Det var underbart att traffa dig i Marbella, Jenny ar med Tassa i Tanger och vi ser framemot att traffas i Sverige.


    Da Kaptain

  8. Grattis på din tjugosextonsårsdag! Vi hoppas du har fått en fin dag och att Nuno och barnen firat dig ordentligt!!
    Många kramar från Cicci, Jocke och killarna

  9. Hej familjen äventyr!
    Har kollat på er på nätet då och då. Nu har det slumpat sig så att jag och Kristina ska vara lärarre i år 5 ill höstenså…vi ses väl Tiago? Vi ser fram emot att träffa er allihop och främst då dig Tiago (om du minns mig från ettan??)
    Hälsningar från Tina, lärare på Lunnaskolan

  10. Hej Tina! Så kul att du har skrivit på bloggen. Hur är det att vara mamma? Roligt att du ska vara min lärare igen. Hur går det i Kågeröd? Bra hoppas jag. Jag ser också fram emot att träffa dig! Mvh Tiago


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