Skrivet av: dreamalive | maj 29, 2008

The spanish way… or better the Costa del Sol way…

Yes we do enjoy Marbella and the general going from harbour to harbour thing BUT I am really tired of all the work it is to be able to pay the expensive harbourfees. Not that I don’t want or can pay but that I need to beg for please let me stay … one more night pleaaaassseee.

We have been in Marbella 3 weeks now and the Marina is great with friendly staff, but it wasn´t funny when they put us the day we arrived in a 15m place clayming there was no more space, after some talking they arranged a 10 m berth as we were going to stay at least a week. Well with Jenny going to Sweden and with the winds we stayed longer, I knew from the beggining that there was a reservation for the end of the month so we will need to leave or pay for a 12 m place, thats ok. They actually called the person who reserved the place to ask when he would come with the boat, unfortunatly no answer. So they are very helpfull in the harbour BUT not from the beginning, it is necessary a lot of speaking and after that they do what they can. tiring…. very tiring!

IF the marinas where full and there was really no space I would understand, but each time we get a no, after some talk they always say yes, maybe it could be arranged anyway…. why not say that from the very beginning????

We have been meeting all kinds of people working in the marinas, most of them actually very friendly and welcoming. BUT some other ones…. I´ll never forget that lady in Benicarlo that wanted us to leave so she would not need to come on Sunday to charge us, yes and i could not pay in advance neither, so we must leave… of course i refuse as the winds where creasy outside, well after a nice ”friendly” discussion she calmed down.

I like Spain but i am quite fead up with it, not that i think that Portugal will be better. But there I am kind of at home.

We did do many friends with the harbour staffs of many harbours, I´ll never forget them and they know that. 🙂

Well I´m just feeling like complaining a bit. The winds are still from the wrong side and too strong for our little motor. I REALLY WANT TO MOVE ON. The atlantic is waiting with all the strengt but this trip is soon ending … Jenny being in Sweden reminded me of all the challenges that are waiting for us.
The taught was to send Siska with truck to Germany but now I don´t know if that will be possible; we shall see..

Thanks to everybody that as been making this trip a reality, without their support it would have been much more difficult to achieve.
My parents in law are incredible persons that not only support us but take care of all our life in Sweden. Thank you very much for the trust.

My mother, her support has kept me going when I needed it, and her prays have been helping too.

Faruk, my good friend Faruk who never says no and always does his best when I ask for it. Incredible person that even with the busy life he lives allways have time for his friends. I’m there for you my friend.

The Peter Pans with whom we sailed during this winter.

And all the other incredible people that give us all their positive and friendly taugths.



  1. tack själv Nuno för alla mustiga beskrivningar och delningar av ert liv till havs. Ska bli fantastiskt roligt att få ser er levande så småningom!!!Sköt om er tills ni når Sverige igen!!

  2. Olá priminho!

    Sem duvida que faz bem desabafar as preocupações e chatices que vais encontrando! 🙂

    Estou ansiosa por estarmos juntos novamente! Tenho alguém muito especial para te apresentar! O meu alentejano de gema!

    Cá estarei também à vossa espera!




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