Skrivet av: dreamalive | mars 20, 2008

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Okey, completely astonished, amazed and happily tired and content with the three, I repeat, three hour long processions from nine to twelve tonight, after the Pontius Pilate’s ”Washing his hands”-drama in the afternoon. I have seen photos of this religious parades before, and now finally, we have seen, heard and smelled this grand celebration of Semana Santa, The Holy Week – live.
Until now just made a short walk in the city, and love what I see. Loaded with history and archeology – everywhere and out of control. It’s not often I find a place where ruins from different decades are so… how can I explain this..?..hmm..
..Here places completely life-threatening to enter – because they are falling apart – are possible to stroll around in. I’ll have the pictures to show you what I mean, ready soon I hope. Layers on layers on layers just falling apart, in larger quantities than the city yet have managed to get under control. A kind of freedom we like to find after to much picturesque or designed architect organization. It’s truly great to be here! We love being here, everything is just perfect for us, right now, right here!
Words to study more about when you/we arrive to Cartagena, and in Easter:

Cartago versus Rom



Semana Santa (in Swedish)
Pontius Pilate
Ku Klux Klan
Spanish Civil War

…just some of the things I now have to check up and learn all about to be able to answer the questions of my children ..!



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