Skrivet av: dreamalive | mars 19, 2008

We are alive

Been anchoring by a desert island in Mar Menor, and today we went out in the tricky winds after the Palos Cape, Costa Calida (Varma kusten! :-P), hoping to arrive to Cartagena for the very spectacular parades during Easter. A fishing boat was so close to ram us today, that it was a matter of 2-3 meters in high speed, when Nuno managed to turn Siska downwind risking a jib, and the Spanish fisher had still not noticed us, going straight towards us by motor when we were for sail only. We screamed, made lots of noice with the horn and Spirit barked like crazy – but nothing! He didn´t hear us, and just looked surprised when he looked up as we passed right beside each other, and we were red in the face screaming at him and showing him all our fingers, pointing to our brains… Doing all the big Spanish body vocabulary. And he just looked at us like ”que?!” And then after this seconds we realized how close it was to the end of Siska. 2-3 meters from sinking. I was all shaky.

Behind us there were ten dolphins jumping in the water, but we want to see them closer!

Now we’ll stay in Cartagena with a full schedule of things to do and see.

I’ll update soon with pics from this ku-klux-klan-looking parades! And maybe I’ll write some words. Since Costa Blanca – which is crowded with Swedes – I have noticed that when I write it sounds like the reportages in the Swedish magazine ”Dam” (you can buy them in the special Swedish shops here!!) and this is terrible for my self-confidence!! I need to think a lot more than twice before I click on ”publish”…!    Äääääh , see ya soon here anyway 🙂



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