Skrivet av: dreamalive | februari 21, 2008

Everybody’s sleeping, except me and Tiago

It’s been another long day, with things that are normally simple and fast made,

that when living this vagabond life, like camping, takes forever with complications and with calmness.
And is very pleasant when it’s warm and sunny. It isn’t warm and sunny.

It’s cold, wet, windy, grey and tough.

Some people tell us ”wooooow, you live in a sailboat – wooooow, I wish I could do that” – Ha! They wouldn’t stand one week of our life! And when Tiago’s shoes are wet and we put them by the warm to dry, most people would need a gas mask – but we survive! Sometimes barely, and sometimes with lots of laughter.

With the morninglight tomorrow we’ll probably leave Valencia, if the winds seems reliable.

(They are building a lot in this harbour, and often the showers are without water or electricity, and also homeless people come here and damage the facilities. Yesterday we had a group of teenagers here that let the boats loose on the bridge beside.. Some action ;-). We have enjoyed it here, it’s a good place, but it’s time to move on.)

I’ve just taken a shower in the dark (now there is water, but no electricity), and I’ve come back to Siska where it’s all dark and peaceful, cause everybody’s sleeping, except Tiago.

He holds up for me ..something – one of the earphones of the Ipod, and makes signs for me to come and sit beside him in the dark. Cuteness. He also has fallen in love with the song in the video from yesterday (here under). I sit beside him in the sofa, soon to be his bed . Outside it’s calm, and you can only hear the sounds of the ropes and fenders when the waves rocks us. We listen to Verily by Merz. Beautiful. We say nothing, just listen, in the dark. And we hold our hands over each other 1+1+1+1, over Tiago’s heart. And it’s big. A little moment to remember and carry in our hearts forever.

So many big things in the small things, and so many small things in the big things. But no middleway in sight.

And now everybody’s sleeping except me. I’ll crawl into a warm place beside my husband, after giving a goodnight kiss to Tiago, Tassa – and Spirit, resting beside her like a fluffy black ball.



  1. Whenever i tell to my friends that you are all on this long journey, they are amazed by your courage! And despite all the troubled times and difficulties (that i know probably i would not handle at all) i’m proud of you! Because you are following a dream and because you love each other so much! Lots of kisses!


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