Skrivet av: dreamalive | januari 23, 2008

Barcelona – Sitges

sska_ropes.jpg Mmmmmmmm, we’ve had a perfect day today. The sea was pleasant and calm with quite fair winds. We were almost alone out there on the greenblue water. Only passing outside the big harbours of Barcelona we saw some big boats:


And then impossible to miss – a never ending stream of airplanes right above our heads the hole day; as we passed Barcelona airport.

siska-sail_airplane.jpg siska-sail_airplane_.jpg

When we left our friends in Port Forum it was a lot of waving, filming, etc, and I’m just to sensible with anything similar to a grandiose end in a typical Hollywoodfilm… Crescendos of emotions make me tremble on my voice and almost cry… What can I say..-
Anyway, the truth is we didn’t give Barcelona the attention it deserves. I think we’ll do Barcelona at some other point.

Why? When we arrived to Aiguadolc today in the afternoon-light, then I knew for sure that I have been looking forward to be in a small harbour with a picturesque atmosphere, and big cities are just not very tempting right know for us. We want to get to a place were we can anchor safely and enjoy the nature, as soon as possible.

Aiguadolc is the harbour by Sitges. Sitges is not a nature-reserve, but we did like it Big Time!


We arrived late, and dinner and washing-up takes its time. (I enjoyed being able to do the dishes outside in the dark evening without freezing – summer here we come, soon, soon, soon!) And then we went out for a long nightwalk as we are leaving early Wednesday-morning and wanted to see more of this clearly exclusive place. Expensive – 23 euros/220kr for one night, but better than a museum – so well worth the money.

Maricel_Palace_bynight.jpg maricelpalace_text.jpg MaricelPalace_fullmoon.jpg

Read more about Sitges in the link above. It’s famous for its film festival, carnival, nightlife, beaches, culture and history. So if you are looking for the best place to pass carnival in Europe – maybe this is it? Carnival is coming up around the corner!


And it’s well known in the gay-world. It’s very adult here, as a friend told me.


This cat passed the nightcold by the warm of the lamp:


We miss or lovely cats Kiwi and Jesus at home. – We miss you all, and we look forward to meet everybody again in the summer! Until then; we the crew of S/Y Siska are sleeping tight in the warm of each other 🙂


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