Skrivet av: dreamalive | januari 21, 2008

Moana Kuewa

I believe tomorrow morning, Tuesday, we’ll go out on the sea again after a month on firm land. ..A bit nervous, but mostly looking forward to beat some waves :-).

I´m not going to write a lot today, but I’m giving you a link to Moana Kuewa. The Captain is Christine and we are intrigued whit this interesting woman who had five lifes – and so many stories to tell, like everybody here.. Christine yesterday invited everybody on a boat in the harbour of Port Forum, for drinks in the bar, so we could all meet and get to know each other. A great initiative! A great evening! Thank You Christine! This is a woman with a life very different from mine, yet similar in some ways.. We meet many persons that we are already looking forward to meet again, and Chris is one of them. She has crossed the Atlantic with her boat Moana Kuewa, and her goal is to continue around the world.

We laughed a lot when we red her News on her site, cause it’s clearly written by a well organized person, and I know Chris is a militaryofficer’s wife, so.. 🙂 …the hours and dates are perfectly exact ;-).

Time to say goodnight and goodbye to everybody…

Good night and hasta mañana, or until whenever we got internet again 🙂



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