Skrivet av: dreamalive | januari 20, 2008

I’m a nice girl

First, before I forget – look what came out of my lip!! A small piece of metal!


The pain started when suddenly during a dinner in Nunos cousins house with Sylvia, Jorge, Tiago and David, I felt a sharp little thing cutting out of the flesh of my lip. Me being the only one somewhat alarmed with my new uncomfortable situation, I had this disturbing visit sticking in and out with it’s presence for more or less two weeks.

And now I HAD IT! 😀 and I squeezed the little bastard out of my life and my body. It was another one of these remembrances I get from the accident together with my scar and my memories..

As you notice I’m being a nice girl, writing in English and everything. The everything – consist of me collecting everything written in English and Portuguese by us in this blog at a page you find by clicking ”EM PORTUGUÊS / SOMETIMES ENGLISH” above. Find it? It’s right up in the center of the blogpicture with the boat, the sea and the sky.

I went to sleep at four in the morning to get that page working all right!

The next day we had an argument. Cause I try to please everybody but myself. As a stupid way of fooling myself that it’s pleasant. I should have went to the beach to take a lovely nap in the sun instead..!

Yes, we have sunshine here now! 🙂 I love it! Sincerely,deeply, yes very profound. I see better, I´m warm, I move more easy (not so much clothes on), and life is just more light, in all senses.

Okey, now I´m going to present a big bunch of photos again.. Please let me know which system is working best for you . With this new system in the latest version of Flock the pictures appear as thumbnails in the text and then you can click on them to see all the pics from our journey at Photobucket. I’m just worried that now this time they are to big and take a long time to upload for you on your computers..? Anyway, seams like I exceeded this weeks amount, and need to calm down a bit. There is another photostream at the right sidebar with pics in Flickr, as you probably know.

We went to a market not far from here, beside the Torre Agbar (more flashy site: Torre Agbar) and Glòries.


Here in this part of Spain people find it very important to speak Catalan instead of Spanish, and the market goes by the name of Encants Vells in this language. Barcelona’s most famous flea-market. Also known by the name ”The thiefs market”. Tiago and Tassa were curious to experience somebody stealing from their pockets, and Tiago of course did prepare some bait in his pockets. To his big disappointment nobody stole anything from him.

encantsvells2.jpg encantsvells8.jpg encantsvells4.jpg

I was soon told I wasn’t allowed to take pictures here –forbidden– by the woman with here eyes on me, in the first pic. Which obviously didn’t stop me, but made me more careful with my moves. Had to keep an eye on the kids too because the loudspeakers above us brought up the subject of this over and over again with keeping children close, in sight, and our kids didn’t exactly bother all the time… Jakob was with us too. He made a search among the things thrown away.

encantsvells7.jpg encantsvells6.jpg encantsvells_jakob.jpg

Amazing quantity of all kind of human productivity.

We are about to drown with all the things we have on little Siska now. Seriously.

I was happy to just bring photos with me back from the market. Endless amount of details in the photos..

encantsvells.jpg encantsvells_.jpg

encantsvells5.jpg encantsvells9.jpg

encantsvells1.jpg encantsvells3.jpg

Then on the way back I remembered even better what really is much nicer to collect. Moments of eye-contacts and smiles. I like big cities. 🙂

In our harbour, Port Forum, it’s very peaceful at this time of the year. Some Swedes like us, and then mostly very big luxurious yachts with only the crew on board to keep on polishing for summertime. We’ll hang around here some more days. It’s nice here in a way.

portforum3.jpgportforum4.jpg portforum6.jpg

portforum2.jpgportforum7.jpg portforum1.jpg

portforum5.jpg ..and us, on Siska, so small that you probably cant find the boat.. portforum8.jpg


Sunshine from us! / J

And today: Happy Birthday to Sara and to António in Portugal!!  🙂



  1. Hej på er!
    Vad skönt ni verkar ha det! Ni letar ju ständigt efter internetuppkoppling och på vissa ställen går det bättre och ibland lite sämre. Tänkte höra om ni inte skulle kunna skriva ner en liten lista med hamnar, hamnavgifter, möjlighet till internet och ev kostnad så vi kan få ta del av det när ni kommer hem?

    Jag och Mia är väldigt sugna på att få komma iväg och trots att det inte blir förrän om ett år så hade vi tänkt att jobba aktivt nere från Medelhavet under vintern mot våra svenska kunder. Då behöver vi dock internet från båten.
    Vi har möjlighet att sätta en antenn på ena spridaren som tar emot trådlösa nätverk/hot spots.

    Roligt att läsa om hur ni njuter av livet.

    Kram Micke & Mia

  2. Olá a toda a família!

    Obrigado pelos parabéns!… e por escreveres em inglês Jenny, valeu o esforço! 🙂
    Concordo contigo 100%, o sol tem uma magia especial!!!! Hoje também teve um sol fantástico, os dias são mais coloridos!

    Beijos para todos!



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