Skrivet av: dreamalive | oktober 10, 2007

The Mediterranean!!

Hello everybody! 😀

Now I am going to jump back in time to Sunday, the 7th of October.The morning started with a lock that only took us down 20 centimeters…We would have expected a lock going down like 4 meters… We were very chocked when the gates opened just when we thought it all started.We were actually going to Sète, but we stopped in AiguesMortes instead. Every year in Aigues-Mortes there is a big party for a whole week. We were really lucky, we came to Aigues-Mortes in the very first day of the party-week. So we spent the day watching bull races and walking around watching all the people and stuff… There were a lot of people who had dressed up in funny and wired clothes and wigs. When we were at the bull race one of the bulls escaped. It ran out on the car parking, and destroyed more than one car! Then it ran over to the other side of the lake, to the salt heaps. I don’t know how long it took to find the bull again, but I suppose they did…

In Aigues-Mortes there is a tower that once was used as a prison were they locked in women who refused to be Catholics. One woman was locked in for 38 years! She was first locked in when she was 8… The tower had 7 meter thick walls. The Constance Tower to the right and Siska to the left in the picture:

No we jump to next day; Monday the 8th of October.We were going from Aigues-Mortes to Sète. On the way there we went trough Camargue. In Camargue we saw wild horses and flamingoes. It was really cool, the horses was in the bushes eating. And flamingoes are very pink! It was quite an experience. When we got to Sète we discovered that is wasn’t Sète. We were in Frontignan, a city a little bit from Sète… Frontignan isn’t so far from the Mediterranean. So we went in to the city and got a map and then we went to the beach. It wasn’t a big beach but there were really many shells! Tiago and I dipped our feet in the Mediterranean for the very first time…=) Now that’s all for me right now…

Tassa <3<3



  1. Very good writing! So many adventures that you could write a book with your own perspective! Lots of kisses!!!

  2. finally very good tassa proud of you and your many adventures love the pictures and your perspective of the trip. im enjoying the blog journey even more now that i understand what is written lots of hugs and kisses to all and keep writing in english please!!!


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