Skrivet av: dreamalive | oktober 10, 2007

The Captain speaking…

Hi good people, now we are in the Mediterranean.

The toilet is broken (I shouldn’t have bought the cheapest!), the generator belt in the engine is almost broken; the water tanks need some cleaning, etc.

We are in Séte and we were supposed to go on threw the channels until Port-la-nouvelle, but the sea is calling and I long to put the mast up and start sailing again, the rest of the family would prefer a bit more of the channels, so we did not really decide yet.

The weather as been nice and warm but today is raining. I should have done a lot of things today but … I’ll do it tomorrow.

Now we are going to head to the south of Spain and search for a warm place to stay over the winter, January and February are the months to take it easy on a warm harbour. Christmas and New Year in Portugal don’t know yet how but we’ll find an answer to that later.

The journey as been more expensive then calculated, I guess 4 persons eat more than I taught!

That meaning that we will try to do some work during the winter so we don’t need to sail back home earlier than planned. Have some ideas of what to try to do, but if somebody got some good idea, just tell us. J

Even with plan changing and more motoring than sailing, this adventure as been fabulous! We are together and experiencing a lot!

After 3 months no one wants to go home yet, and that says it all.

We meet a lot of people, unfortunately not a lot of families with children, but we are going to the sea soon and it is going to be interesting to see the difference in people in sea harbours and channel harbours.

Siska is over full with stuff, I don’t really know what, but I guess its all “good things to have”! Don’t know what to do about that!

Take care and fair winds,

The Captain



  1. Oi mano! Fico contente por vocês, não me importava nada de ir ter até Espanha fazer uma visita! Apesar de não ter corrido exactamente como estavas à espera, parece que tem feito bem a vocês 4 (+1)…não sei se o spirit concorda… 🙂
    Muitos beijinhos pra todos

  2. Olá a toda a família!

    é com emoçao que leio a mensagem pois apenas acomapanho através das fotos! é muito bom saber que a experiência está a ser FABULÁSTICA!

    Seja qual a rota a seguir, cá estamos a torcer por voces para que tudo corra bem!

    As fotos estão lindas!

    Beijinho de Parabéns atrasado para a Tassa! 🙂

    Estivemos em Tavira a semana passada, parecia verão com um tempo optimo!

    Beijocas grandes!


  3. Olá…

    pensamento positivo é óptimo, apesar de tudo… seguir em frente… força… que corra tudo bem 🙂

    Lindas fotos…

    Nice trip

  4. Tjenare Nuno nu är det 39 dagar kvar tills jag och familjen lyfter mot Bankok. Sara har ordnat med en familje blogg som vi kommer att hålla er och alla andra uppdaterade med vad som händer oss. Jag återkommer med adressen på den när Sara har gjort klart den.

    Bästa Hälsningar Pontus

    Ps. Ha det bra och hälsa familjen


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