Skrivet av: dreamalive | augusti 3, 2007

Finally I am going to write some words…

Well a lot happened lately!

Right now we are in a harbour called Scheveningen that is the harbour of the capital of Netherlands.
We should have left this morning but there was a change of plans at the last minute, unfortunately we lost the good winds and now we need to wait for them again.

Amsterdam was very nice, the kids love it in big towns! We were in a small harbour outside of the center in north Amsterdam. Very nice pleasant place with a very cute street with very cute small houses. 🙂
We still don’t know if we are leaving tomorrow, our plans have changed because of all the bad weather that has been hitting us lately. Now we are heading towards Dunkerque where we will get on the channels towards Paris and later the Mediterranean. It will take us longer but the family will appreciate it better then beating waves and wind over the English channel and later the Biscaya. This means that we won’t arrive at Portugal in the end of this month. Difficult to say when we will be there.
Now we’ve decided to appreciate the beatifful waterways of France.

Today we were at the Beach for the first time this year and actually swiming in the north sea waters, waves and salt…. mmmmhhh… love it!
This journey has been tough, for the economy, for the family and of course for me too.
But we have been tougher! He He He!
I really don’t know what to write anymore….

Hugs to everybody,

The Captain

Ps Because of lack of internet I haven’t been checking my mail neither sending emails.



  1. Pelo menos sempre escreveste alguma coisa! Apesar de ficar triste com a demora de chegarem a Portugal (tou cheia de saudades!) fico muito contente por estarem a gostar e a aproveitar bastante! SAUDADES e imensos beijos pra todos!

  2. Bom dia a toda a família!

    É muito bom saber que estão felizes e aproveitar estes momentos em família!

    Apesar de quer estar convosco mas com certeza que os locais a visitar devem ser fantásticos! Nós cá estremos à vossa espera!

    Estou a adorar acompanhar esta viagem e estou sempre convosco!!!!!!

    Beijocas para todos! 🙂


  3. Ola a toda familia! Admiro a vossa coragem. Meu querido sobrinho tenho muito orgulho em ti. Beijinhos para todos. Boa viagem e até breve


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