Skrivet av: dreamalive | juni 28, 2007

Sorry for not have been writing more…

Hi good people, many get disapointed as the most of what is wroten here is in swedish.

Well i try to write as much as i can but there has been happening a lot of things lately.
During the way to Dyvig we had a colision with a stupid fishing boat that just came out in front of us without any people attending the rudder. We broke our front, nothing very serious but a lot of work to get it back in working condition… later in Dyvig when we were moving our boat to another berth, the engine broke…

As you can imagine I was desperate, but with the help of our new circum navigators friends, The Molinaris, I started putting down the engine to search for the problem.
We are lucky that this happened here, Peter, the maker of the Aries Windvane, that we are here to install, has been incredibly kind and helpful too.
We were going to stay here for a week but now…. maybe two. We are waiting for parts for the engine, and the top is being renovated. (Expensive and time consuming)

And then….. the weather….. raining…..raining…..and raining. Yesterday it was blowing storm and all the water just disppeared from the harbour. Our new friends at the Molinari had a real busy night as they were anchoring and the anchor started to drag. Poor Christian needed to jump into the water in the middle of the night to save their boat. The anchor line had tangled it self on the prop so they could not use the engine to get to safety. But they managed allright and will soon go on.

Now i have to go to Peters place to repair my broken stuff in is workshop.
Kindness and helpfullness is all over, give, help and you will too get help when you need.

C U good people,




  1. Bom dia! Apesar das notícias nao serem as melhores fico contente de terem tido essa preciosa ajuda! Ja tinha ouvido as notícias de chuva no norte da Europa e pensei que vos trouxesse algumas dificuldades, mas esse acidente marítimo é nao imaginei! Que grande azar!
    Ontem (4f) esteve ca a tua mae, e eu mostrei-lhe o blog e mesmo sem oculos gostou imenso de ver a vossa embarcaçao!
    Por aqui o tempo tb nao esta nada de especial, mto vento e pouco calor, tendo em conta que ja estamos a iniciar Julho!
    Espero que consigas resolver todos os problemas pendentes o mais breve possível!

    Beijinhos para toda a família!! 🙂

  2. Tjenare tycker att det börjar likna ”the boat” mer och mer :-)) men sen så efter regn kommer sol.
    Annars låter det som att ni har det ganska mysigt trots allt.Själv är jag uppe i norge just nu.Men längtar till sydligare breddgrader Lycka till med motorrenoveringen och allt annat.

    Keep up the good life


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