Skrivet av: dreamalive | juni 28, 2007

Some pics from yesterday´s storm

Spirit Spirit desperate with panic when the storm shoke the bridge and he couldn´t get on board because the water sunk. And next pic; our new friends from Molinari, Christian and Marlis, looking very small hiiiigh up on the bridge, and happy cause their boat was finally safe at the end of Wednesday. (See also the broken front of Siska)Molinaris dyvig Images showing how the water went 2 meters down; something that has never ever happened here in Dyvig in summertime before. It has only happened some rare times in wintertime -until nowdyvig without water. tassa on siska When the wind stopped blowing Tassa and Tiago had passed a hole day inside Siska cause it was not possible to get out safe.Sister and brother Boooored!!!



  1. Oi! São só aventuras! Espero que voltem à acção em breve! O Spirit está muito bem na foto! Beijinhos pra todos e boa viagem


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