Skrivet av: dreamalive | juni 21, 2007

A stressfull moment with internet….

Odden Havn

Hi People,

now we are in Fredericia harbour, after a whole day of motoring!

Yesterday we stopped at Samsoe, a nice island in the innerwaters of Denmark.
It was RAINING and the wind was strong, difficult time to do some bbq!

The engine is taking a lot of oil and that worries me a bit, on the other hand it’s really economical with the diesel.
The family is getting used to the life at sea and we have been taking bigger and longer trips for each day. This last one to Fredericia was 35 nm it took us about 10 hours to do.

Spirit is in great shape and starting to enjoy the ride that’s really good!

The idea about having a Wifi anten on the mast is not so bad afterall if we had that we would problably have easier contact with internet.
Economically we been paying around 110 DKK in harbour fees.

Food as been good and we make most of our meals onboard.
THanks to GO Green for the great food!

Thanks too to our neighbour Ericsson that fixed our call sign labels, We’ll be putting the link soon.

Tomorrow wi’ll be heading to Dyvig where we will install the windvane, then with fair winds we will not need to seat and steer all the time.

Ok People C U Later




  1. Ola a todos! e muito bom saber q tudo corre dentro da normalidade! as fotos estao mto fixes mas as emoçoes e os momentos vividos em alto mar devem ser indescritiveis! Deve ser algo assustador a chuva e o vento principalmente! Envio beijocas para toda a família!

    Sara 🙂


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