Skrivet av: dreamalive | juni 1, 2007

New page

Skapad av jennys dreamroom på dreamalive S/Y Siska söndag, maj 20 2007 23:47:38
After SOME work you can now click on ”dreamalive” above and come to the beginning of dreamalive-home.As I consider myself a professional blogger 😉 I´m not satisfied with this place for our blog.

We will use wordpress instead. The page is on place, and is being tested ;-), I´m amazed with the blog-quality they provide, and will move to here, but for now I´m going to sleep, cuz I got classes tomorrow, and cleaning the house, and getting vaccinations, and I´ll probably get a new tenant tomorrow.

Thank U so much for your comments, we love them! ..I was surprised when the magazine Land called me some weeks ago! Gonna have to find a ”bonde” to read it..! The answers for Spirits needs are to be solved by us visiting land everyday in the beginning, and later he´s supposed to get used doing It in ”sittbrunnen”, which I guess I´ll learn to name in English later on :-).



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