Skrivet av: dreamalive | juni 1, 2007

Lossstttt and Found!!

Skapad av Kapt Nuno tisdag, maj 15 2007 23:11:02
Hi People!

These days are ”killing me”. Still struggling with the ventilation system, but I’m quite proud in what i have acomplished so far.

Checked out in the net and with a lot of phone calls to buy some water filters for Siskas water system. (my family is quite sensibel about water taste and bacterias)

Finally i came to some nice man that told me the right words: ”No problem just give me the measurements of the filter and i’ll get it for you.”, love this words!

Siska got a water filtering system but I need the cartridges, it’s an american system,”Ametek” and definitively not easy to find.

Well anyway, probably I’ll start working with Siska on Thursday, softly!

I still have the electric system problem; I need to get that fixed so I can do all the other installation stuff.

Then I have the stove to install, a gas stove this time.

Isn’t it wonderful, I am coach and I have a really lot of challenges in front of me.

Yes I almost forgot… I have to move Siska because I have no harbor place this year.

C U 2morrow (or not!)smileysmiley



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