Skrivet av: dreamalive | juni 1, 2007

Almost done! Or?

Skapad av Kapt Nuno onsdag, maj 16 2007 20:25:22
Hi again my good friends.
Today I almost finished the new stuff on my tenant’s bathroom, of course something would be missing and, of course I found that out when it was too late for buying what I needed. Fortunately I finished the part of the ventilation system that I could do, now I just need to wait for a friend of mine, to help me with the electrical part.

Many people ask us how we can afford this sailing trip. Well we are counting in having about 1000 euro a month, this budget needs to hold. So probably there won’t be so many visits to local restaurants and not to many beers I’m afraid!

So what! The important thing is that we will be together as a family for a whole year.

And I hope this will teach our kids about handling with money.

Then imagine when we can afford a visit to a restaurant! It’s really going to taste goooooooddddddd.

We needed to choose between doing it NOW while the kids want to follow with us, or wait for the PERFECT boat, and the PERFECT economy! That would probably be too late! So we are doing it now.

A small boat and a small economy, but we are doing it!

The most of the equipment is second hand, except everything that got to do with security, all that is brand new.

I will later write how much this is costing us, so that people out there know that this kind of project is not only for millionaires.

Ok people, Over and Out! smiley



  1. Skapad av Félix lördag, maj 19 2007 09:23:29


    you are finally doing it. We are really happy for you and will follow this geographical and spiritual adventure of yours as closely as you let us in this site. I have nothing else to say right now but ”stay by it, learn from it”, but in your case it will be the sea that speaks to you rather than the river as in ”Siddharta”. Every morning before going to work I drink my coffee looking at my ”sea”; I will keep an eye for your sails and I promise to stay at home the day you disembark on my shores. The time of miracles is not over.

    P.S. It is a shame visitors can not upload pictures.

  2. Skapad av Sara söndag, maj 20 2007 11:06:34

    Fiquei muito contente por saber que vais realizar este sonho que persegues… e o mais espectacular é conseguires levar toda a família! estou a torcer por ti e espero encontrar-vos na costa portuguesa algures…
    Beijos grandes para todos! Oh captain my captain!

  3. Skapad av Rato måndag, maj 21 2007 11:55:41

    Olá, meus amigos

    A jornada tá quase a começar, já devem estar com os praparativos. Boa sorte na vossa navegação, e que os ventos vos sejam favoráveis.

    Um abraço a todos; RATO

  4. Skapad av Nice onsdag, maj 23 2007 12:22:06

    É fantástico quando se realiza um sonho 🙂
    Que grande aventura vai ser … memórias que jamais vão esquecer…

    até breve 😉


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